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About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative packaging products for the baking industry. Our leading products under the Bake 'n Ship® name include baking trays, discs and pads for the commercial baking industry. Hot 'n Cooler® catering coolers is a line of containers that keep food hot or cold depending upon the application.

Each of these products are LTI Processed® which enables these products to be used for baking in a convection oven, frozen and delivery of the product all in one container. The cost-saving efficiency of serving products directly from the same package in which they are baked is made possible by the use of a recently-perfected polyester film that acts as a non-porous barrier. Carefully laminated onto a heat resistant film laminate that withstands sustained oven temperatures of 400° F, this patented polyester film prevents baked products from leaking out of the tray, while halting the leaching of cardboard chemicals and dyes into the product. Completing the process of these efficient baking trays, a sturdy, proprietary corrugated structure protects finished products throughout the entire shipping and handling process.

Whether creating apple cinnamon crisps, double fudge brownies, creamy cheesecakes or other gourmet desserts, the Bake 'n Ship® trays can now streamline the process by which bakery products are produced by allowing the baker to bake, freeze, slice, ship and display in one package. The cost-effectiveness of these one-step trays can help improve profit margins for those wholesale-baking operators willing to embrace innovation in a traditional industry.

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