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Bake'n Ship® Baking Trays you can Ship In

  • Sheet Cakes, Brownies, Strudels, Cheesecakes, Lemon Bars and other products prepared using Bake 'N Ship®.
  • Trays and Discs can be baked, frozen, cut and shipped without ever de-panning.
  • All LTI products are laminated with a 48 gage clear polyester film that is FDA approved for food contact.
  • The corrugated sheet laminated with LTI products gives them superior strength and performance.
  • The "Lamination Process" is patented and proprietary.
  • LTI products provide a 100% barrier to moisture absorption and a Low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR).
  • The trays are designed with web corners to form a pan having water-tight configurations.
  • The tray corners and locking mechanism folds outward, as opposed to inward thereby eliminating leakage of ingredients.
  • LTI products have a High Melt Index and Expansive Temperature Tolerances.
  • You can bake in the trays at temperatures up to 400° F and freeze at up to -10° F.
  • Because of the Polyester film laminate, ingredients will not migrate into the packaging.
  • The surface of the Polyester laminated trays provides excellent release characteristics, thereby eliminating or greatly reducing the need for release agent or parchment paper.

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