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Finally an answer to our equipment problems! Customers were constantly asking us to leave our expensive cabinet coolers at the party site to keep the foods hot or cold until serving time. Now, we simply sell them the Hot ‘n Cooler®, eliminating the need for a return trip. A win, win situation for all parties. We also can now afford to greatly expand our inventory of coolers and do not have to ration them out like we did with the old Cambros®!

Bennett Brown - Low Country Barbecue, Atlanta, GA

These containers are the modern age of catering – light weight, takes up very little storage space and hold better than foam. We recently used the 1600 Full Catering Box for a baseball opening day holding 4800 hot dogs. The dogs were placed in the 1600 at 9:45 am and by 1:00 pm when the last container was opened they were still piping hot. The next day, we used the same containers holding iced down canned sodas for a picnic of 500.

Larry Levy - Biddle Street Catering, Baltimore, MD

Wow! What a terrific product! The Hot ‘n Cooler®, by Laminating Technologies has become a part of our standard catering equipment. We recently had the 1618 Cooler personalized with our company logo. We introduced these at outdoor summer concerts we cater each year. Now we have been able to add hot or cold picnic dinners for concert attendees. These have been very well received and increased our concert sales. We also used the 1600 cooler for a corporate buffet filled with dry ice and ice cream bars. These held for hours on the buffet even on a hot summer day. We now have added the 1606 cooler for our Cuisine to Go for take out dinners from our deli. Our customers can have their dinner hot or cold, as they prefer. Easy to store, easy care and very versatile, this makes a caterers life so much easier.

Maxine Turner - Cuisine Unlimited, Salt Lake City, UT

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